The green heart of Steelbox

The steel used by Steelbox srl for the production comes almost all from recycled materials. This important element is in addition to the essential features of lightness proper for iron products if compared  to the equivalent containment  in wood . The factors of resistance , lightness and recycling materials , are some of the advantages and decisive factors in the choice of our product , as well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance , versatility, strength of the product during normal reconfiguration of workspaces and better fire resistance of equivalent wooden product. From an aesthetic point of view the steel has excellent design performance, countless colors and offers very nice combination with other elements such as wood and glass.

The lightness of the material also has an ecological advantage in transport for the reduction of CO2 emissions . In fact, a normal steel cabinet with hinged doors of medium size weighs about 75kg while the equivalent wood is around 102kg .

The metal furniture of Steelbox srl merges aesthetics, ecology and durability with an excellent quality-price ratio that plenty satisfies the client.