Steelbox history

Preparation and experience come together in Metalway ltd, with twenty years of experience in metal working, mixes technology, experience and  new processes, to create new objects suitable to support the user in the challenging  modern workplace.

Combining decades of know-how with a farsighted vision of the future, the brand Steelbox  is the ideal partner of the customer who is looking for reliability and quality, motto in every department of production  of the company.

Metalway factory

Located in the industrial zone of Tortoreto , the company Metalway ltd dedicated to the Steelbox division 5.000 square meters of its surface, with numerical control machines and the irreplaceable human capital , to produce a range of metal furniture that can satisfy every demand of the market, complemented by a lightweight shelving , modular and suitable to public spaces. Multifunctional locker cabinets, locker room benches and canteen tables complete the package, satisfying every need of the market.

Through its extensive network of distribution in Italy and abroad, Steelbox  aims to improve every day facind the market challenges, implementing solutions according with its dealers and agents, to turn every product into a special furniture .

The Research and Development center of the Steelbox, in cooperation with the technical department of Metalway ltd, architects and engineers , are daily challenging  the laws of ergonomics and physic to shape the simple metal and other materials to create articles to empower your daily work.

Steelbox history

All the orders carefully checked and confirmed by our sales department are entered in the powerful information system that allows our management team to execute immediately orders of raw materials and production of all required elements.

The product is subjected to strict quality controls during cutting, press folding, drilling and precision welding performed by anthropomorphic robots. The final step of coating is realized with epoxy powders after treatment of phosphor-degreasing . The packaging made with care and the preparation of the product to be shipped, complete the quality process, which allows Steelbox to conquer even the most demanding markets.

The determination and efforts of our market oriented team work, are helping to create what for us is the Steel & Style, a major challenge for innovation and quality that satisfies our work and our customer's needs