Joint offers both technological elements and design giving the user the ability to create a comfortable and pleasant environment.
The range of containers with drawers provides ample coverage of every necessity of storage for the modern lifestyle  in office.

Slim and robust lines   preserving the design and elegance,  is a non-negotiable factor for distinct office environments  aiming to  decline  to be trivial. If the all the above holds filing efficiency and structural support as Joint does, it means to have a product that meets the needs of all.

Tidiness, Storage, Interior Decoration and Containing are just some of the features of the line Simplex. A classic metal line,  characterized by excellent stability, all first grade steel from 8/10 in every detail of construction, fully recyclable, coated with ecological epoxy powder. Simplex has an extended range that goes beyond simple storage, pedestals and filing needs; In fact, the lockers, multiservice tables and a useful, versatile and attractive shelving system, complete a program of metal furniture that meets every requirement.