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Loop Appendiabiti

Loop, the freestanding metal coat rack that combines modern design and practicality without compromising style. Its elegant structure
provides impeccable organization for your garments, while the sturdy base ensures stability without the need for wall mounting. Loop is
more than just a coat rack; it's a decorative element that adds a contemporary touch to any space. The unique oval shape of the coat
hooks makes it a focal point in every environment.

Base: Ø340 made of 80/10 gauge first-choice DD11 steel sheet, lasercut.
Central upright in tubular DD11 - UNI EN10305 Ø40x1.5 mm, lasercut.
Supports: made of 30/10 gauge first-choice DD11 steel sheet, lasercut
and press-bent.
Powder-coated with electrostatic polyester resin, after phosphodegreasing

Diameter 34 cm Height 162 cm 

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