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Pannelli PMMA Protect

This historical moment is requiring all our attention, needing every day a responsible attitude to protect ourselves and the others.

It will not last forever, however we cannot help but take all possible security measures. For this reason, our company has decided  to create and manufacture a new product . 

It is a panel designed to protect those who work in contact with the public or public interactions.


We called it #ZenProtect because safety and protection are the priority of our work, today more than ever.


Zen Protect protects you from droplets released during a normal conversation. 

It is made of transparent PMMA, available in different sizes supported by metal brackets freestanding or clamped.



Can be used for:

  • Travel agencies

  • Counters

  • Pharmacies

  • Call centers

  • Shared bench

  • Coworking

  • Public spaces

  • Telecom operators shops

and all the places where the interaction with the client is close

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