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App ZenSoundShaper® 

Dear Customer,
Welcome to  Zen Soundshaper ® App download page. On this page you will find the link to download the app. for Android and Apple systems. We invite you to download the app. and to contact us at to obtain the application activation password.

The application works on a mobile phone or tablet while the sound recording is carried out via an external omnidirectional microphone  Steelbox has adopted to obtain a more accurate reverberation recording:  we are happy to introduce Zen Soundshaper ® measurement kit specially tested by professionals of sound.

Contact the marketing department at for more information and delivery of the kit.

We also invite you to download the user guide for the application and the measurement kit from this page.

Our customer care team and our local agent are at your disposal for demonstrations of use of the application, if you may need.

Best regards and good luck working with the Zen Soundshaper® APP.

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User Guide for Zen APP


Video Guide for Zen APP

Request Zen Measurement Kit

Thank you for  your request

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