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Bin - Metal Paper Basket: Add a touch of order and style to your space with Bin, the metal paper basket. Its sturdy construction and clean design make it perfect for organizing documents and loose sheets. Bin is the ideal solution to keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free, with a modern touch.

Bin3 - Recycling Bin: Eco-friendly and organized Bin3, the basket designed for the separate collection of paper, plastic, and non-recyclables. Its divided structure into three compartments facilitates the proper disposal of waste, promoting sustainability and keeping your environment clean. Bin3 is the ideal choice for those seeking a practical way to contribute to daily ecology.

Umbrella - Metal Umbrella Stand and Tall Basket: Blend functionality with design using Umbrella, the metal umbrella stand that also serves as a tall basket. Its versatile structure allows for elegant umbrella storage. Umbrella is the perfect accessory to neatly accommodate umbrellas and add style to your entryway.

Made of pickled steel foil, press-formed 7/10 thickness, first grade steel sheet DC01 UNI EN 10130. Painted with electrostatic powder
epoxy resins.
BIN3: Self-supporting structure made of 8/10 gauge first-choice DC01 steel sheet, cold-pressed. Flip-top closure equipped with 2 'invisible'
snap-in hinges. 3 compartments (70 liters each) with specific metal rings to hold garbage bags. Rounded external edges with a curvature
radius of 2 mm.  Powder-coated with electrostatic polyester resin, after phospho-degreasing treatment.

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