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Bookshelf Kaffeina

Very quick and easy to assemble, this bookcase in wood and metal, also useful for shops and offices, is the ideal object for those who need a lot of convenient space for books or exhibition material. 


Uprights: made  of tubular pickled  steel  produced  according  to EN 10305-5  /  5 norms,  with round section Ø mm 40x1.5  equipped  with levelling feet.  The  slot rack between the uprights and the shelves  is made  of tubular pickled  steel produced  according to EN 10305-5/5  norm with a mm  15x15  square  section  coated  with electrostatic powder epoxy resins.

Shelves: in Class E1 Formaldehyde content wood particleboard, veneered  with mm  25  thick  melamine  and  perimetrically trimmed with mm 2 thick ABS  edge matching the surface.

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