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Acoustic panels with integrated lamp

The latest market research reveals the growing request for Acoustic Products to be used in different environment such as restaurants, airport lounges, libraries, social clubs, hotel lobbies as well as the office environment.

Our R&D department in cooperation with Architect R. Molteni, has created the design of Zen, proposing a panel decoration to ease and redefine the application in environments where the design is not just another options but it’s a need to enhance the comfort. Zen soundshaper aesthetically recalls the famous design capitonnè, while bringing elegance to the product it  exalts  the lightness of the material, reducing the flatness of the surface.


Beside the design, the performances of sound absorption have been improved, due to the conical cavity on the surface, acting like resonate rings; the vibration are being mainly captured and the sound released more slowly, causing improvement in the acoustic performance.

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