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Suite Sofa

A series of sofas at  1/2/3 seaters  and  benches that  are easy  to assemble, and with flexible modularity. Tables with and without USB socket to meet  the modern needs  of charging smartphones  and tablets. Fireproof fabric, available in different colors.

Structure: made  of tubular pickled  steel  produced  according to EN 10305-5  /  5 norm, mm 25x25x1.5  e mm 30x20x1,5.  Equipped with adjustable feet and coated with electrostatic powder epoxy resins.

Supporting base:  in  Class  E1  Formaldehyde  content  particleboard, veneered  with mm  18  thick  melamine  and  perimetrically trimmed with mm 2 thick ABS  edge matching the surface.

Seat with backrest: internal body made of in Class  E1 Formaldehyde content particleboard, reinforced with steel plates and covered  with non-deformable polyurethane rubber with variable thickness,  density 40 kg /  m3.


Pillow: internal body  made  of  in  Class  E1  Formaldehyde  content particleboard, reinforced     and covered with  non-deformable polyurethane rubber with variable thickness,  density 40 kg / m3.

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