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Bookshelf Mikai

Design bookcase, easy to plan and assemble, when combined with Mbox it offers an optimal storage solution for every room, home and office. Built entirely in recycled metal, to enhance durability.


Shelves: made  of  pickled  steel  foil, press-formed  15/10 thickness, first grade steel sheet DC01  UNI EN 10130,  adjustable with a slot of 6,5 cm.  Max. of 8 shelves  for each module

Uprights and crosspieces:   made  of  tubular pickled  steel  produced according to EN 10305-5  /  5 norm, square section mm  25x25x1.5, equipped  with adjustable feet. Metal coated with electrostatic powder epoxy resins.

Mbox: the  library can  accommodate  the  Mbox  storage unit in  the width of cm 46 only.

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